Yes, for short-term hires (under 3 months) the bond is $500.00

For long-term hires, the bond is equivalent to 1 month. Refundable once the vehicle is returned.

The majority of our vehicles are brand new or have been driven under 20,000km

No, as well as refrigerated utes, vans & trucks – we also yard the following:

  • Dry/Courier Vans
  • 2 tonne Tipper Trucks
  • Tradie Utes

  • For long term hires (3 months +) we will be live in 6 weeks (mid June 23)
  • For short term hires (under 3 months) we will be live by July 23
  • Reservations can be taken now for the above dates.

The temperature can be set anywhere from ambient 18degrees to -18 degrees.

It acts as both a fridge and freezer.

If the vehicle is fitted with electric standby (the external outlet on the driver side of the van) then yes. The Toyota Hiace are all fitted with this. For this to work – the following needs to occur:

  • Step 1: Turn fridge/freezer on
  • Step 2: Turn vehicle off & TAKE KEYS OUT OF THE IGNITION
  • Step 3: Use the orange cable and plug into a 15AMP POWER OUTLET (this will not work with a 10amp plug or outlet)
  • Step 4: Wait a few moments and you will hear the motor starting up with fridge/freezer being activated.
  • Step 5: Vehicle needs to be turned every 5 hours for 10 minutes to ensure battery doesn’t drain out.

No, the refrigerator will only set the space at 1 temperature.

No, the daily allowance is 200km. You can prepay kms at 0.22c per km or 0.29c if paid after the vehicle is returned.

Yes, the excess is $10,000 OR the value of the damage repairs.

We do, although you can use your own.

Toll charges are in addition to the daily rate as well as a $20.00 admin fee for processing